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What Services Do We Offer?

Drain Jetting blockages 
Quick and easy way to clear and 
unblock drains and sewers
Ideal for unblocking pipes from showers, 
washing machines, sinks, baths, toilets, 
urinals and septic tanks.

CCTV Drain Survey Systems 
Investigate drain problems 
and find more permanent solutions

Drain Cleaning and Septic Tank Emptying 
including Puraflos and 
all domestic treatment systems desludged 
Specialised Equipment - reduces need to travel 
on lawns etc

Initial and Contract Cleaning 

Window Cleaning both Domestic and Industrial

Fire Damage Smoke Cleaning Graffiti Removal

Industrial and Domestic Powerwashing including Paths, Driveways, External Walls, Roofs, & Roads

Tree Felling

Chimney Sweeping

Empty Grease Traps

Fully Insured 24 hour service

Waste Water Collection Permit No: WCP-MO-09-0622-01





        J F Henehan & Sons Limited provide Septic Tank and Grease Trap Cleaning to both domestic and commercial customers. We are fully trained in all elements of liquid waste collection and disposal and all cleaning and jetting services.

        J F Henehan & Sons Limited  is a fully licensed waste disposal contractor.  We are committed to disposing of waste in the most efficient and environmentally safe manner. All waste collected is disposed of at a licensed site.

        It is recommended that your septic tank is emptied at least once a year assuming you have the correct size of tank for your water usage and household size. We can advise you on specific needs tailored to your waste system including how to avoid blockages and how to inspect the condition of the effluent and the inspection chamber



        In the past it was always very difficult or expensive to find out the condition of your drains. You would often not know there was a problem until something catastrophic occurred. The monitoring of drains was also a time-consuming, messy and costly exercise, however, by carrying out a CCTV Survey of the Drainage system, you can literally have a whole new perspective of your drains at a much lower cost than you may expect.

        CCTV drains surveys involves passing a small cctv camera through your pipes, drains and sewers to detect problems which are hidden from sight above ground.

        JF Henehan have used this method for many clients for the purposes of finding, locating and sometimes even repairing problems with your drains. If
         you are experiencing a recurrent problem with your drains then CCTV can pinpoint that problem and establish how to prevent it happening again.

        If you are buying or selling a property then a CCTV survey can put your mind at ease and help you budget accurately for any repair work, alternatively, a CCTV can show the good condition of your network.


        All CCTV surveys are given to you on CDrom or DVD so you have a permanent record of your survey and you can combine this with mapping of your drainage system to get a clear view of the whole network.


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